Restored. Awakened. Harvey.

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Hurricane Harvey has brought many changes to the little town of Rockport, with no exception to my own life. My previous studio was completely destroyed in the storm. At the time, my business name was Prana Tree Massage located in Fulton.

After the hurricane, I wavered in my decision to reopen my business with so many uncertainties. I even contemplated picking up my previous career in social work, uncertain if massage therapy was my true calling. However, my family, friends, and complete strangers helped to restore my home and business in Rockport. This profound support experience awakened a certainty inside myself that bodywork is my true calling. This experience of restoration and new awakenings gave inspiration to my new business name, Restore and Awaken Massage Therapy, as massage therapy is certainly a restorative, transforming practice.

You can now find me continuing my practice at the beautiful Main Street Yoga Studio, restored and awakened!


Restore and Awaken Massage Therapy by Shiloh

802 Main Street

Rockport, Texas 78382